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Standard highway maintenance courses in Staffordshire 

Contact Highways Training UK Ltd for personalised highway maintenance courses if you are in Staffordshire, UK. 

Our history 

Highways Training UK Ltd, was formed in April 2010 as a result of the purchase of Highways Training Limited from Pete Male (Peter J Male IEng MCIHT AMICE MCIPD). The name of Highways Training and Pete Male has always been synonymous with breadth and depth of knowledge, fierce attention to detail and absolute refusal to accept deficiencies. Graduates of courses run by Highways Training are amongst the best trained in the UK, in their respective skills.
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The best possible preparation and applied knowledge

So, Highways Training UK Ltd builds upon this strong foundation under the tutelage of Will Button. Will and his team bring new energy, applied knowledge and determination to provide the best possible preparation for candidates and, in turn, their employing organisations in the UK.
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Meet the team

It is with pleasure that we introduce you to some of the team who you are likely to meet when training with HT-UK 

Will Button

Will knows very well the rigours of the work endured by barrier installers and traffic management operatives. His progress from 'tools' to management means that he shares a strong empathy with people in our industry, irrespective of rank or title. Will is driven to help beginners get the very best out of the career path in front of them. His focus is to make sure they are equipped to do the job right, with the right safety and right value.

Notwithstanding and outwardly gregarious character and dry humour, Will is an intensely protecting and caring family man. In professional life, he makes a whole-life commitment to our sponsors and learners. Will is ambitious to continue the trend of growing the company with diligence, safety and quality.

Steve Brown

Steve started working in highways for a local authority in 1983, as an operative. He stayed with the authority through privatisation until leaving in 2001 to develop his career in training as a freelance instructor with Highways Training. At the same time, Steve also joined Lantra Awards in a part-time post to assist in the development of the Sector Scheme Training and Assessment processes. Steve is a highly conscientious and experienced professional, and yet is always willing to put his opinion up for discussion and remain. 

Joe Willey 

Joe joined the Royal Engineers in January 1973, becoming a combat engineer and serving for 6 years including operational tours in Northern Ireland and Germany. Joe's experience of working with vehicle safety fencing began in 1983 'on the tools', with Durham County Council. In 1999 he was employed as supervisor with Tarmac and progressed to Contracts Manager for the department, where he stayed until January 2012. Joe delights in spending time with his family and is proud grandfather to six grandchildren! He also thoroughly enjoys passing on the knowledge and experiences gained during 28 years in the industry.

Simon Marsh 

I have been working in the highway industry for the past 15 years and value my experience as my key qualification. From working on the roads as an operative to becoming an Operations Director delivering major highway contracts. I have experienced the industry from all angles such as operative, employer and client and feel this puts me in a great position to offer my knowledge and guidance when delivering training courses. My key field is traffic management and safety fencing and over the year I have worked alongside big organisations to help develop these fields to become more efficient and safe.
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