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 Highways maintenance training provided in UK and Ireland

 Highways maintenance training provided in UK and Ireland



 You must have qualified staff (that's a 'given'). So how will you select the right training organisation for your company's particular needs...?

Firstly, on a personal note from Will Button and his team, we reiterate that we are appreciative of you considering Highways Training UK (HT-UK). Here, you will discover a team who dedicate themselves to providing the best possible classroom training and practical instruction. Trainers and Assessors from HT-UK are all experienced industry professionals, bringing real-world practicality and credibility into the classroom. HT-UK actively encourage inquisitiveness from our learning groups, engaging, involving & enthusing participants and making sure that the sponsoring organisation gets maximum value for their training pound.


Awards for Highways Training UK  


HT-UK are amongst the first Training Companies to embrace Training Assessment Quality Assurance (TAQA), in advance of its anticipated adoption by Lantra. This means both 'Learners' and sponsoring organisations benefit from methods of training, assessment and Internal Quality Assurance (IQA) that are right up to date.

Hill Smith award for Highways Training UK and Ireland